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Union Jack

Best Fish and Chips in Ontario


Jessica and I still remember our first opening day on March 10th 2008 where our journey started to become the best fish and chips selling food chain in Ontario, Canada. We didn’t know which fish is which at the time. We learned. There was not enough money, there were language issues and we had no experience. We were real babies in this business. There was always something that went wrong but we pressed on. You, our customers, were always there to encourage us, and you were always so kind to us.

In time, we built many good relationships with you, and eventually, we expanded to 5 locations. But to be honest, with the added time and responsibility, it has been difficult managing all of them.

You loved us and our British cuisine fish and chips and we had such a difficult time knowing what to do. We were led closer, nonetheless, throughout this difficult time, to God who provided everyday what we needed. Without Him, we would not have come this far. So we thank God who is our living hope with all of our hearts. We want to also thank you, our customers, and staff throughout the years for your patronage and kindness.

We hope our story will inspire other new Canadians that anything is possible.

We will keep serving you with great fish and chips at our locations. We will also remember everything you did for us. Forever and forever.

God bless you all!
Immanuel & Jessica An
Founders (owners) of Union Jack Fish & Chips.

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Pianist Jessica

I was born in South Korea and grew up in a Christian family. I was a church pianist in Korea and England however I didn't have a steady opportunity to play piano in church when immigrated to Canada. Because I was so eager to play piano, I found seniors' residences, long-term care homes and hospitals to share my talent...

jessica the founder and owner of union jack the best fish and chips food chain


One of the best fish and Chips we had.. One of the best fish and Chips we had.. Really loved it... Will definitely visit again.. keep up the good work guys..

Meril Tom


Love this place.

Best wings in town, service isn't amazingggggg like nobody will greet you at the door and if it seems full you'll probably be standing there until a table clears and you'll have to claim it yourself but I really don't care about that. I had fun here, once we were seated they were pretty attentive. I kept boasting about the wings!!

Alyssa Truiyen

Burlington - Local Guide - Google Review

The best fish and chips I have ever had. The best fish and chips I have ever had. Nothing can compare. My wife is celiac and they do gluten free as well. If you are looking for great fish and chips look no further.

Rob Warkentin

Burlington - Local Guide - Google Review

Love this place. Haddock and Chips is my favourite.

Love this place. Haddock and Chips is my favourite. They always have enough of the tartar sauce as well. I always get the special on Friday for two people and it is a great deal. The fish is very large and has lots of meat on it. Much better than other places where you have to eat an inch of batter before you get a small piece of fish.

Isaac Kritz


The chicken strips were probably the..

The chicken strips were probably the best I’ve ever had! The owner is so nice and friendly. Fish and chips portions were also really big and we’re also a hit.

Dani Gabriele


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